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Press realese 1.2.2023:
Lining Tec Oy strengthens its expertise and personnel

We at Lining Tec want to continue to grow and strengthen our expertise as a forerunner in expert services for refractory linings for power boilers. From 1.2.2023, Mika Niemi has started as the company's CEO. Mika has long and diverse experience in different operating environments and operators in industry.

Jorma Pitkänen will continue to work for the company as CFB refractory lining specialist and technical director.

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Innovative solutions for refractory linings in energy production and power boilers

Lining Tec Oy is an expert company in refractory linings for the boiler manufacturing and power generation industries. We work as the researcher, problem solver, expert, material supplier and implementer. We are knowledgeable in the linings of power boilers (CFB, BFB) and other combustion plants.

Lining Tec FI

Extensive experience with a solid set of skills

We have over 30 years of experience in the implementation and design of refractory linings, as well as a comprehensive view of the changes and requirements in the industry. We have mastered design and material requirements and the installation process.




Expertise in CFB boiler linings

  • solutions to erosion and other lining issues

  • redesign and implementation of structures

  • use of modern materials for boiler target areas

  • cyclical use considerations

  • research, analysis, and reporting


Elimination of erosion problems

We are aware of erosion and can provide customers with long-lasting solutions.


A refractory castable mix consists of aggregate fractions (0.1 -8 mm) and a binding matrix of microsilica, cement and other fine powders. The matrix and aggregate are held together by hydraulic or other bonds.

The abrasion resistance of the matrix is ​​lower than that of the aggregate. The gas flow of combustion gases, ash, and sand erode the matrix causing the aggregates to be released.

Replacing the aggregate with a more abrasion-resistant material (e.g. corundum) does not improve the resistance of the castable mix unless a more resistant matrix can be developed.


Erosion can be prevented by choosing a refractory castable mix with both a high-erosion resistance matrix and aggregates. Such castable mixes are used for the most demanding locations, such as cyclone target areas in CFB boilers.

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Step grids

Step grids are used in the incineration of recycled materials, bio-waste, waste, and other applications that generate large amounts of ash and non-combustible waste. Erosion of grate nozzles is prevented with the design and careful implementation of specially selected protective bricks.


We have the most extensive and longest-standing expertise and experience in the field of step grid refractories and their construction materials. We can offer innovations that significantly reduce maintenance and lower operation costs.


Challenging fuels

In CFB and other boilers, coal is increasingly replaced by various biofuels; and the use of recycled wood (demolition wood) and fuel made from municipal waste is increasing.


With the most advanced product development of the linings, redesign, and the use of special materials, we prevent damage to the lining from chemical corrosion and erosion by the bed material. These procedures reduce lining breakage and maintenance needs.


Wood dust and burner technology


The burner technology used in the combustion of wood dust and the related lining solutions are a challenging specialty in the refractory field, because such burners may have several hundred start-up and cooling cycles per year.


The design of refractory linings and the selection of materials for such burners must account for the high combustion temperature of wood dust, thermal shocks, alkali stress, and other related challenges.


We have the expertise, materials, and references to implement refractory linings suitable for wood dust combustion burners.

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Lining life cycle, inspection and maintenance

We carry out an inspection of the lining condition, damage identification, and investigation of the cause of damage, as well as photographical reporting of the lining condition in CFB boilers and other plants. We then present a procedure with the required materials and methods for repairing the damage.


The performance of the new lining is affected by three main factors:

  • lining design

  • material choice

  • care and quality of installed work

Any possible mistakes made during installation are quickly revealed as lining damage.


Elements that strain the lining during plant operation:

  • load and load factor

  • lining erosion

  • chemical stress from fuels

  • cyclical use

  • normal wear and tear, aging


Systematic inspection of the lining’s condition, and the maintenance performed based on its condition, benefits the customer, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the plant's operation time.


The objectives of the inspection are:


  • to detect any lining damage which would jeopardize the next operational period of the facility and determine their cause

  • to provide information on the lining condition and its maintenance requirements for next year's maintenance and budgeting

  • to perform comprehensive documentation, presented as a report


On –site inspection


The Lining Tec inspector always has expertise in the operation of CFB and other combustion and energy plants. In addition, they have a particular excellence in the design of refractory linings, material behaviors, design of implementation, installation, and installation work organization.


Remote inspection


Due to Covid-19, or any other reasons, a remote inspection may replace the on-site inspection.


This remote inspection differs somewhat from that described above, as a Lining Tec expert is not present on site during the actual inspection.

However, the inspection will be carried out in such a way that the same objectives set for an on-site lining inspection can be fulfilled.  


Lining Tec makes a detailed project plan which is implemented by the customer. The inspection is always in cooperation with the customer; therefore we greatly appreciate the customer's contribution.


A report of the same level and detail is prepared from the remote inspection as from an on-site inspection.


Lining Tec is an authorized representative of Sheffield Refractories Ltd. 

Sheffield Refractories Ltd. (SR) manufactures high quality refractory castable mixes from materials made in the UK, which are suitable for refractory linings of modern power boilers (CFB, BFB) even for the most demanding "target zone" conditions.


Linings using SR castables have been successfully installed in approximately twenty new CFB boilers for leading CFB-boiler manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and South America.

In addition to SR castables, we represent and supply special materials from various manufacturers for applications requiring particularly exceptional properties.



Over 20 CFB boiler linings have been delivered to Europe and Asia.

The content of the delivery consists of refractory lining design, lining materials, and its implementation, or any combinations of these. About half of such deliveries have been turnkey deliveries.


Valmet Technologies, Sumitomo FW, Formosa Heavy Industry (FHI) and Bangkok Industrial Boilers (BIB) are the main plant clients for CFB projects.


In addition to these, we have implemented several dozen BFB, pyrolysis, wood dust burner, and other similar plant projects.

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