Innovative solutions for refractory linings in energy production and power boilers

We are a specialist company in refractory linings in the fields of boiler manufacturing and energy production. We operate as an investigator, problem solver, expert, materials provider, and installer. We are familiar with the linings of power boilers (CFB and BFB) and other combustion plants. We have a good knowledge of the requirements set for materials and the factors related to installation.

Developmental cooperation


Operating time

Our solutions mean the operating time of refractory linings increases and the need for maintenance and renewal is reduced.


Based on our experience and expertise, we investigate the reasons behind lining problems and present effective solutions in terms of materials and structures. We offer sophisticated, comprehensive solutions for equipment manufacturers in the fields of boiler manufacturing and energy production, and to the end users.


High-quality expertise in the refractory linings of CFB and BFB boilers.

Materials and people

An extensive network of partners in Europe and Asia. We select the materials, experts, and a suitable workforce.


We adhere to the agreed schedules and plans.

An experience of more than 25 years of installing and designing refractory linings. A very extensive understanding of the changes taking place in the field and of the related requirements.

Linings of CFB boilers

  • Solutions to erosion problems
  • Investigation work, analysis and reporting
  • Modern materials specified for different areas
  • Redesign and installation of structures
  • Accommodation of cyclical usage

Erosive wear control

The erosive wear of materials caused by burning gases, ash and sand in the gas flows can be prevented by selecting better materials for the most demanding areas, such as the cyclone target area in CFB boilers.

We are familiar with erosive wear and are able to offer lasting solutions to clients.

Step grates

Step grates are used in BFB and CFB boilers in recycling fuel applications, biomass and waste fuel combustion applications and other applications where a large amount of ash and unburnt waste are formed. The erosive wear of grid nozzles is prevented with carefully selected protective bricks, the design related to them, and their careful installation. We have an extensive expertise in and experience of step grates and the material choices for them.

The renewals we offer significantly reduce the need for maintenance and lower costs.

Challenging fuels

Replacing coal with different kinds of bio fuels and the use of recycled wood and fuel from municipal waste is increasing in CFB boilers and other boilers. With better refractory lining design and material selections, the stress caused by fuels can be considered, which decreases the breakage of linings and the need for maintenance.

Inspection and reporting

We perform condition inspections of the linings, damage assessments, and investigations into the reasons for the damage – as well as taking photographs and reporting. We also present a detailed procedure for fixing the damaged areas, and the materials and methods to be used.



Lining Tec Oy, Vehnämyllynkatu 6 (3. krs), 33560 Tampere, Finland

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Managing director
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Hannu Koljonen
Project coordinator
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Reino Kuoppala
Senior installation expert
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